Google AdWords Expanded Targeting Capabilities Improve Local Focus

Google announced at the beginning of this year that AdWords marketers could start using phone numbers and mailing addresses to reach their potential customers. Because many of the small and medium businesses we serve are looking to target residents in their respective geographic areas, this was music to our ears.

Since using consumer data to optimize targeting efforts is standard practice in modern marketing, it may come as a surprise that this took so long to materialize. But until recently, AdWords campaigns only allowed marketers to set broad targets by uploading customer email addresses.

We Say “Better Later than Never” and “Hello, Effective Ads”

Just in time to affect 2018 strategic plans, marketers could upload phone numbers and mailing addresses for Customer Match. Originally launched in 2015, Customer Match previously allowed marketers to use their customer email lists to build custom audiences. Now, Customer Match capabilities will include customer phone numbers and mailing addresses.

These new targeting capabilities are expected to be much more effective. As a general rule, phone numbers and mailing addresses are more reliable than email addresses, which can change and go inactive over time. But when was the last time you changed your primary phone number? Exactly.

How the Magic Happens

When you upload a list of phone numbers and addresses to AdWords, Google compares each list entry to the user information in its own databases. When a match is found, it’s added to your custom Customer Match audience. Once this audience has been created, you can use it in your AdWords campaigns. It can also be used across other Google properties, like YouTube and Gmail.

For small and medium businesses that don’t necessarily have large customer email lists, this presents a renewed opportunity to reach and engage customers they may have already had previous contact with. If a small business keeps a lengthy record of customer phone numbers, for instance, their match rate will be much higher than if they were leaning on email addresses alone. Overall, this change will make customer lists more precise, expanding the potential reach for digital marketing efforts.

Now, small and medium businesses can pull customer phone numbers and addresses from existing SMS campaigns, loyalty programs, in-store collecting and a variety of other sources. Every grain of customer data could come in handy when it comes to more accurately defining audiences and developing more customized marketing messages.

Let’s Do This

At Magnifyre, targeting with laser-precision is one of our strong suits. Call us today to find out how we can help you get in front of the right audiences at the right moment.

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