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Last week, Business Insider published an article outlining Google’s plan to block certain types of ads. And since we do ads, we thought we’d shed a little light on how this might affect small- and medium-sized businesses as they develop and execute their digital marketing plans.

In case you missed it, Google is planning to release an update to the Chrome browser that will automatically block certain ads—including videos with audio. And even though this news is throwing industry pros for a loop, it’s likely that users will welcome the change.

To Hell with These 12 Ad Types. We Didn’t Even Like Them.

This change, scheduled to take effect next year, is a response to a recommendation given by an organization known as the Coalition for Better Ads. Made up of influential industry groups and large tech and media companies, the Coalition surveyed users across North America during their study on more than 100 different types of digital ads. The results revealed 12 specific ad types that most users find highly annoying. Among these ad types are “disruptive” experiences, like video ads that play automatically with sound, pop-up ads that cover more than a third of the screen and certain scroll-over ads, which force users to scroll through the ad to access the page content.

With these findings in hand, the Coalition encourages digital marketers to find new, more seamless ways to reach their targets—defining new “best practices” for the digital arena. And even though Google is enforcing these new restrictions, many publishers are uncomfortable with the idea, raising concerns that new parameters, once in place, will inhibit innovation and hurt digital marketers whose businesses are focused on generating and placing these ads. Even though some are spouting conspiracy theories about Google’s insidious plot to dominate the digital ad space—we think it’s for the best.

Maybe All Digital Marketers Can Learn Something from SMBS.

The Chrome browser is the most commonly used in the United States for a reason. It’s likely because it functions in a way that’s, overall, very respectful to the user’s experience, leveraging built-in pop-up blockers and malware warnings to protect people as they surf. For small and medium businesses targeting potential customers in a digital world, this sends a powerful message. No matter how much you grow, providing a smooth, enjoyable customer experience is still at the heart of every successful business. It keeps people coming back.

Your advertising efforts, like your products and services, should be timely, tasteful and true to your brand. We’re guessing your brand isn’t annoying, so your ads shouldn’t be either. At Magnifyre, we believe the most effective ads make people say, “ahhh” instead of “ughhh”. Forced interactions don’t win any friends. That’s why our end goal is to make your potential and returning customers want to interact with your brand online. Call us today to find out how we can help you get in front of the right audiences at the right moment.

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