Put your best face forward with Facebook ads

Facebook boasts more than 2.2 billion active users, so when you’re looking for an audience, it’s a great place to start. But how do you reach the right people, and engage them in a memorable way that gets results? The answer is simple: a carefully crafted ad strategy. In this post, we’ll touch on best practices for Facebook ads of various types.

Why does Facebook advertising work?

Put simply, it’s all about the targeting. Facebook’s targeting capabilities allow you to define your audience and choose exactly who you’ll reach with your ads. For example, if you sell curling wands, you can choose to target hair stylists and also people interested in beauty. Here are a handful of ways you can target on Facebook:

  • Custom audiences – target existing customers or leads
  • Location – target by location 
  • Gender – target by gender 
  • Interests – target by interest (such as movies, fitness, music, etc.)
  • Behaviors – target by past behavior (ie. someone visiting your website)
  • Connections – target people who already like your page, or who have connections that do

What makes an effective ad?

First off, it looks good. Ads with compelling visuals are going to get more love, plain and simple. High-quality, impactful images are more likely to be engaged with and shared. Relevance is also key. Keep in mind that you’re spending money to reach people with Facebook ads, so if the content in your ad isn’t relevant to the people seeing it, those valuable ad dollars are wasted. Relevance comes into play not only with the copy and the imagery, but also with the destination link. Is your website a sensical payoff to your ad content? If not, it might be time to make some adjustments.

It’s all about the WIIFM.

That’s right, the “what’s in it for me?”. Your ad has to clearly show the viewer what the benefit is and entice them to learn more about your product or service. Why is it better than the competition? Are the benefits quantifiable? For example, saying you carry nice clothes isn’t that memorable. But saying all your clothes are made with locally sourced organic cotton might be a key differentiator for your brand. Alternatively, including a special offer may entice people to see for themselves why your clothes are so nice. Once you establish what’s in it for them, tell them how to get it with a clear call-to-action (CTA).

What are my ad options?

You have a couple different formats to choose from when it comes to Facebook ads. The right column ad, the desktop news feed ad and the mobile news feed ad all have their purpose and use case. The right column ad is the most common, appearing on the right hand side of the news feed. These can lead to affordable conversions but don’t tend to get as much engagement as other placements. If you choose right column ads, a strong CTA is key as is a clear, quick value proposition.

Desktop news feed ads appear in a user’s news feed when they access Facebook from their desktop. These ads typically have higher engagement rates, but they can also be more expensive. Alternatively, the mobile news feed ads appear in the user’s mobile News Feed and display similarly to organic posts from the people they follow.

Popular ad types and benefits.

Three of our favorite ad types include video ads, photo ads, multi-product ads and retargeting ads. Why? So glad you asked. We’ll jump into that next. Video ads can be far more engaging than static posts. They’re also reasonably simple to create. Short videos, under two minutes long, can be a quick and enjoyable way for users to learn about your product or service. Photo, or single image, ads are one of the most popular types of ads. The optimal size 1200×628 pixels, and it’s very important not to include too much text within your image. You can check that here using the Text Overlay Tool.

Multi-product, or carousel, ads allow you to easily promote different products, specials or services within a single ad. Users just scroll through the images and click on what’s most interesting to them.  Alternatively, retargeting ads target a specific list of previously identified people. For example, have you ever visited a website and then seen ads follow you as you browse the internet? Yes, it can make it hard to resist buying that thing, but it really works, and we can make it work for you and your business.

Now let’s get started, shall we? Find us here.

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